Sibos 2022: Mastercard showcases Global Treasury Intelligence

Sibos 2022: Mastercard showcases Global Treasury Intelligence

Mastercard has launched a new platform to help corporate treasurers keep track of payment flows across multiple business lines.

Sibos TV: Exciting new opportunities in the payments industry – Oct 2022

Barry Rodrigues, EVP for Payments, and Sylvie Boucheron-Saunier, Chief Revenue Officer for Payments, at Finastra, discuss the dramatic changes in the payments industry as banking-as-a-service, cloud adoption and the introduction of CBDCs all forge a new opportunities in the space.

Sibos TV: A new instant payment service for the US – Oct 2022

A new, round-the-clock instant payment and settlement service is being launched next year by Federal Reserve Financial Services. Nick Stanescu, Senior Vice President and FedNow Business Executive Federal Reserve Financial Services joins Sibos TV to talk about the new FedNow Service, and how it will encourage broader adoption of instant payments in the U.S.

Sibos TV: ISO 20022 – How do we maximise its value? – Oct 2022

November 2022 marks the start of the financial community’s migration towards ISO 20022, however many questions remain unanswered, such as how fast adopters maximise the value of the migration for their customers? Michael Knorr, Head of Payments & Liquidity Management at Wells Fargo and Brice Goemans, ISO 20022 Migration Programme Lead at Swift join Sibos TV to talk about how the community and Swift are preparing themselves for this shift.

Sibos TV: The UK’s new Payments Architecture will champion innovation – Oct 2022

The United Kingdom’s new state-of-the-art Payments Architecture will power payments and give the country choice in how it pays. David Pitt, CEO of Pay.UK joins Sibos TV to explain how the UK can manage the huge changes that this system will allow for while ensuring safe, secure, and reliable delivery.
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