ASX shut down by hardware failure

ASX shut down by hardware failure

The Australian Stock Exchange was forced to close early on Monday following a day of problems caused by a hardware failure in a database used by the bourse's equities trading system.


NSDX-10 (R/L) K-TV
For downward-opening doors.
Designed to hold the door in fully closed position.
Opening speed can be adjusted with adjustment screw.
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3-way adjustment.
Overlay: 16-19mm / Horizontal: +/-1mm / Door gap: 1-3mm
Can be used with soft-down stay SDS-100, SDS-100TV, NSDX-10(R/L), NSDX-10(R/L)K-TV, CSD-10-TV.
Bore depth:12mm
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�� ASX Shut Down for the Day

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The ASX has been Shut Down for the entire day.

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Finding Design Problems Early – Software FMEA/HAZOP with ARCHx

Software FMEA is a well proven and widely used technique for finding errors and omissions from software designs. When used at the “software architecture” level, a weakness can be identified and easily mitigated. Both development costs and the schedule can benefit. Perhaps more importantly design quality will be superior.

In embedded automation systems that need functional safety and/or cybersecurity certification, this step is even more valuable as the Software FMEA is used as certification compliance evidence. The ARCHx tool was created to provide an intelligent structure for FMEA, Software HAZOP, and Cybersecurity Threat Analysis. The Knowledge Base in ARCHx goes beyond failure mode lists and normal software HAZOP guide words to provide context specific guide words. This will not only speed up the analysis but helps insure completeness. This webinar will review fundamental software FMEA concepts and show how the ARCHx tool structures the FMEA process using an embedded automation system example.


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FAILURE rate of popular brands �� MSI, Gigabyte, Seasonic, Corsair, NZXT, Gskill, Samsung, Teamgroup

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0:00 Start
2:15 GPU
3:35 Mobo
4:46 PSU
6:10 Flawless PSU
10:22 AIO
12:16 Flawless AIO
13:57 Another flawless AIO
14:39 RAM
16:46 SSD
17:06 Flawless SSD
18:51 Limitations of the study
19:02 Summary
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Episode 325x107x22 – Hundreds of computer components sold – how many broke?

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