ASX delays timetable for DLT cutover

ASX delays timetable for DLT cutover

The Australian Securities Exchange has postponed the launch of its new blockchain-based settlement system by six months following user concerns about the scope of the technical changes required and the tight timeline.

Vanguard Australian Shares ETF (ASX: VAS) Fast Facts

Interested in Vanguard Australian Shares ETF (ASX: VAS)?

Owen Rask shares some quick facts on the VAS ETF in this video.

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ASX Lithium stocks at value? – ASX Stock Daily Update

#ASXlithiumstocks #lithiumstocks

ASX Lithium stocks at value? – ASX Stock Daily Update

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00:00 – Intro
01:10 – Relative Volume Stocks
02:35 – Gold
03:00 – Silver
04:00 – Copper
06:30 – Nickel
07:50 – Iron Ore
09:00 – Rare Earths
09:40 – Niobium
10:20 – Lithium
13:30 – Graphite
13:45 – Uranium
14:25 – Coal
14:50 – Airlines
15:15 – BNPL
15:54 – Oil and Gas
16:30 – Manganese
16:45 – Our Trades

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This is not financial advice – Highlighting patterns and indicators to learn on history

The 2 BIGGEST mistakes every investor makes (and how to avoid them)

What are the big mistakes investors make (according to a financial adviser)?

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