ASX brings VMware into blockchain project

ASX brings VMware into blockchain project

With a blockchain-based settlement system already in the pipeline, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is now looking to expand its use of distributed ledger technology though a partnership with cloud computing giant VMware.

“An Overview of VMware Blockchain in Financial Services”

“An Overview of VMware Blockchain In Financial Services”
Join us on the GBBC Virtual Members’ Forum as Tanya Shastri, Vice President of Products, Blockchain at VMware, walks us through VMware’s enterprise-grade blockchain platform designed to meet the needs of business-critical multi-party applications.
Tanya will also discuss the financial services use cases deployed and being built on VMware blockchain with innovative customers, such as Broadridge Financial Solutions and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).
This presentation will also include a live audience Q &A.
Tanya Shastri Bio:
Tanya Shastri is VP of Products, Blockchain at VMware, where she leads product management and go-to-market for the Blockchain Business Unit. Prior to this, Tanya was at Google, where she headed Strategic Business Development for Google Cloud technology partnerships. Tanya co-founded Natero (acquired by Freshworks), a SaaS big data analytics platform.
Earlier in her career, she worked to productize innovative technology in the CTO’s office at NetApp, and started her career at Cisco, where she held several roles in product management and software engineering. Tanya holds an MBA from Haas, UC Berkeley and an MS in Electrical Engineering from SUNY, Stony Brook, NY.
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An Introduction to VMware’s Blockchain Technologies

In this breakout session, VMware’s Mike DiPetrillo does actual demonstrations of use cases with VMware blockchain.

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VMware Blockchain for Capital Markets

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